More than 350 years of brewing heritage, combined with a lasting connection to drinkers, and a healthy dose of modern business is what makes us a leading global brewer.

Company Highlights
Vancouver Brewery
  • Two things make us who we are and give us the greatest competitive advantage: Our people and our brands

  • We have built an employee culture around passion, focus, responsibility and results.

  • We’re expanding iconic brands, like Coors Light and Carling, into new global markets.


Beer is our passion, our heritage and our future.

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Heritage In Beer

Our legacy is 350 years strong.

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We’ve got a global reach. But our tastes are local.

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We were started by pioneers. And pioneers are still in charge.

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Brewing Greatness

There’s a reason our beer tastes as good as it does.

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Our Love Of Beer

Molson Coors 2011 B-Roll


Behind the scenes at Molson Coors

"Cheers to another great year at Molson Coors!"

Our Love of Beer
Our Love of Beer
This is about our love of beer
Our Love of Beer
Molson Coors 2011 B-Roll
Molson Coors 2011 B-Roll
Take a look behind the scenes at Molson Coors with our 2011 B-Roll video.
Molson Coors 2011 B-Roll

Meet Our People

Meet some of the people who make us great.

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