4.4% ABV

The Burgasko brand was released on the market in 1971 and quickly came to symbolize the Black Sea summer. In 1995 the brand became part of the portfolio of Kamenitza AD, but remained closely associated with beach emotions of residents and visitors of the southern coast, a mission not changed until this day.

Burgasko creates a natural emotional bond with the Black Sea city, after which the brand is named. Its visual identity is rich with elements and symbols of the warm coastal city and its customs: the ship and anchors, intertwined with boat ropes, the life belt and the waves emerging in the background. It is only this brand that has almost not changed in label design since its creation to present day.

The brand slogan "The Sea, The Sun, Burgasko" evokes memories and nostalgia for the warm summers.


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ORIGIN: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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