3.0% ABV

Mixed Drinks Beware.

Molson Canadian 67 Sublime is a premium light beer with a hint of refreshing Lemon-Lime flavour and 67 calories per 341ml bottle. That’s about half the calories of wine or mixed drinks. Calculations based on an average serving (6 oz glass of wine and single serving of mixed drink). Details at Sublime is unexpectedly different. It’s the beer you drink when you wouldn’t usually choose beer. It’s a beer that is perfectly at home on an upscale patio, the golf course, the dock or wherever Canadians reach for a refreshing taste out of the ordinary.

Tasting Notes

Molson Canadian 67 Sublime is specially brewed with two-row malted barley, a touch of wheat, four different varieties of hops, and a hint of natural citrus flavours to provide a refreshing combination of lemon and lime.


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