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  • We actively promote the responsible enjoyment of our brands.
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  • We work with our suppliers and vendors to assure responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy focuses on issues that are closely related to our business and where we can make a real difference. In CSR, as elsewhere in the business, our approach is based on the needs and wants of our stakeholders – including customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities. We are confident that a combination of the individual local projects and initiatives will bring the most positive outcomes to our stakeholders.


  • As a conscious producer and leader of the Croatian beer market, Zagrebacka Pivovara’s goal is to be the main voice of responsible drinking. In 2008, the company launched the “Think – don’t drink and drive” campaign as a long term project to educate consumers on responsible drinking through well-attended panel discussions and billboards across the country.


Volunteering at Molson Coors is employee-driven.

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