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Molson Coors in Canada has a long standing history of community engagement dating back to our founder, John Molson who spoke to his employees about being members of a larger community in which each of us needs to play a part.

This initiative was created in 2011 to honour Molson Coors’ 225th anniversary last year with a goal to give back to Canada while fostering healthy and active lifestyles. We were excited to celebrate this milestone in our history with the communities that have contributed to our success over the past two centuries.

The program was designed to positively impact Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast through local, financial donations that support active lifestyles:

  • Initiatives that support joint physical activity within communities.
  • Projects that support the construction or improvement of sports, recreation and leisure facilities.
  • Programs that motivate sports and physical activity in communities across Canada.

More than 100 communities across Canada applied to receive funding for their community projects from Molson Coors Community Cheer. The applicants were encouraged to rally support from their community in the form of garnering “cheers” (votes) for their project online. The cheering support of Canadians led to 35 finalists (projects that received 225 cheers or more) which were then evaluated by the Community Cheer committee.

We received more than 180 submissions totaling more than $2.3 million in requests from communities across Canada. The website had over 8 million hits with 16,643 Canadians “cheering” on their favorite projects via a Facebook application. In total the Community Cheer project donated $1 million dollars to 21 community projects across Canada. All winning projects focused on building active and social communities. They included: 7 recreational and community centers, 8 parks and outdoor amenities, 4 swimming pools and 2 skating rinks. The program was responsible for adding walking trails and doubling or rebuilding the spectator seating in capacity in two baseball diamonds in small communities in Ontario. The program also provided additional community meeting space and upgrades to facilities across Canada as well as assisting athletes and community members alike in Quebec with new ice rinks and additional aquatic facilities.

It was our founder John Molson’s belief that “we are all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part,” and his values remain unchanged today. We look forward to continue to do our part by supporting Canadians through our community investment programs.

Learn more about our Community Investment Principles.

The whole community is buzzing with excitement! Thank you Molson Coors Community Cheer so very much for creating such a spirited way of connecting people together and supporting a project that is at the heart of our recreation and social gatherings. It's fantastic!

Tamara Liddle, Community Cheer Project Leader in Wawa, ON.


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