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As part of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility we are always looking for ways to improve Our Beer Print, reduce the environmental impact of our operations and operate more efficiently. One of the ways we can do that is by reducing the waste we generate and how we dispose of it. As Bill Coors once said ‘waste is just a resource out of place’.

With that in mind, in 2008 we decided to reduce the then 1,806 tonnes of waste sent to landfill in the UK each year from our three breweries, a malting and administrative offices. We set the goal to send zero waste to landfill in the UK by the end of 2012.

With an innovative reduction and reuse strategy this target was achieved. Our sites have worked collaboratively with our waste management company Veolia and local businesses to find solutions that have enabled all waste streams to be diverted from landfill and put to beneficial use, including recycling and composting. Through this initiative we have avoided a potential US$ 500,000 in UK landfill tax charges, a direct cost savings for the company.

Brewery co-products have a long history of reuse. About 90% of excess yeast produced is used to make Marmite, a popular UK condiment .The final 10% is used as animal feed with spent grains also being passed on to the agricultural sector for use as feedstock, with around 150,000 tonnes going to feed cows each year.

We also utilize anaerobic digestion to treat waste water in our Tadcaster and Sharps Breweries. These plants treat wastewater to a very high standard for disposal and generate biogas as a co-product which is a source of renewable energy we then utilize in our breweries.

achieving our goal will have commercial and environmental benefits both now and in the future. reaching zero production waste to landfill across our breweries not only requires excellent inventory management but innovation and collaboration, too. in addition, many of the by-products of the brewing process are valuable resources for farmers and food producers, as well as being a potential energy source.

Supply Chain Director Molson Coors Europe, Lee Finney


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