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Molson Coors is coming together with stakeholders in our watersheds in Tadcaster and Alton, in the UK, to identify and address critical water issues together. In June 2011, Molson Coors held the first meeting of the Tadcaster River Wharfe Community Users Group in partnership with the UK Environment Agency.

1st Water Meeting7

The objectives of the group are to protect the quality and supply of water for the Tadcaster community for now and future generations. The group aims to develop partnerships, share best practices, mitigate short and long-term risk and ensure that our river can be enjoyed by all.

Since that first meeting we have arranged a Duck Race to raise awareness of water issues in the region, produced a joint case study with the Environment Agency, and participated in a TEDx event focused around sharing best practice and working with our communities.

The River Wey runs through our Alton brewery site so is of utmost importance to both the brewery and the local community. The Northern Wey’s Trust’s aim is to protect the river via conservation and restoration, to stimulate interest and appreciation of the river, and to promote public access to the river.

Molson Coors have worked with the Northern Wey Trust for a number of years, and are now stepping up this relationship by providing resources to encourage greater participation from the local community including encouraging employee participation in events, providing advice for design and communications, facilities for meetings, and an opportunity to hear about our brewery activities to protect this important water supply.

I want to show my kids that people like us in business, community and education can come together to protect the future.

River Wharfe Community User Group Representative

In the US, we have had a partnership with the Clear Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF) since 1997, being one of the founding members since the watershed feeds our iconic Golden, Colorado brewery. The mission of the CCWF is to promote sustainable natural resource management throughout the entire watershed and serve as a model for the arid mountain west.

When the Clear Creek Watershed improvement efforts began in earnest in the early 1990s, we realized that Coors has always been a good watershed neighbor through its responsible operations, generous financial and in-kind support, and ongoing concern for the overall health of the watershed. Molson Coors does not do this just to protect their assets, they are truly a basic ingredient for watershed sustainability.

Ed Rapp, P. E., Clear Creek Watershed Foundation President


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