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Reducing our printing cost and impact

We are committed to working with suppliers to realize and implement opportunities that deliver value and environmental performance along our supply chain. An excellent example is that of Williams Lea, our print management supplier, with whom we have undertaken a number of projects that have delivered both economic and environmental improvements.


Background: This project looked at standardizing the array of print options available to our business enabling us to re-enforce the use of environmentally accredited materials, whilst minimizing cost, through reductions in raw material usage.

Benefits: The project realized an annual benefit of £72,000 in 2012, and delivered a reduction in CO2 emissions of 321,500kg; tracked on Williams Lea’s Carbon Tracker Tool. In addition, the project facilitated an increase in the use of accredited forestry materials to above 90%, such as the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).


Background: A one-off project to replace canvas prints located at our UK head office in a cost effective manner. Williams Lea proposed a fluted board to replace the wooden framed canvas prints. The fluted board is embossed to give the effect of canvas and is supplied flat for easy transport, reducing transport costs and CO2.

Benefits: Through the use of the fluted boards rather than replacing with wooden framed canvas prints, we realized a cost benefit of £1,785. This one-off project also delivered a reduction in CO2 emissions of 20kg. Furthermore, the replaced canvas prints have been recycled, sent to a local college to be re-used by the students.

Rob Hudson, Williams Lea Account Manager says of these activities:

“Collaborating with Molson Coors to minimise environmental impact from print production has enabled us to think critically about our own supply chain, maximising the opportunity to think about sustainability throughout all core products. As a result we use an increased amount of certified or recycled paper and card, and have accurate information on carbon emissions. This has enabled both parties to make cost savings whilst reducing environmental impacts. We endeavour to continue driving down the environmental impacts of our operations by further developing this partnership to create new innovative ways of doing so.”


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