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CEO Statement

There are two ways to create your custom Molson Coors corporate responsibility report. You can browse the Responsibility section of our website and select Add to My Report for topics that interest you; or, you can go to our custom report builder (link to report builder page) and check the box next to each topic to prepare a report built just for you.

At Molson Coors, we use Our Beer Print as our way of talking about our Corporate Responsibility program in an uncomplicated way. Put simply, Our Beer Print describes our relationship with our communities, our environment and our people. We challenge ourselves to grow our positive Beer Print and to shrink our negative Beer Print in every function of our business and in every geography where we brew and sell our products.

In a year of significant change across our organisation, I am delighted that Molson Coors’ Our Beer Print performance has been recognised as the Beverage Sector Industry Leader on the 2013/14 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the second year running. This recognition by experts outside our organisation is especially important to me and my teams, and testament to the work we have put in place to align processes, set clear targets and engage our people, while working to streamline and integrate our business operations.

Our Beer Print has also been acknowledged by our people as one of our highest internal drivers of engagement. Our employees recognise that Molson Coors acts as a good neighbor within our communities and is a socially and environmentally responsible organisation. Against the landscape of change in 2013, where we have made significant system and people changes, I am optimistic that our people should continue to value the importance of our Beer Print program so highly – the mark of an organisation that truly believes in doing business the right way.

2013 saw the launch of our 2020 Supply Chain Operations Sustainability Strategy which I’m proud to say builds on the learning from previous years and moves us forward in terms of balancing supply chain risk and efficiency. The targeted efficiencies will deliver an additional $16 million per year to the bottom line due to reduced waste fees and taxes, lower use of energy and water, and sales of materials that would otherwise have been disposed. We have already made a great start on these savings, by delivering performance in line with our ambitions in our key areas in 2013; 2.6% energy intensity reduction, and a 2.4% water intensity reduction over 2012 and global alignment around a zero waste to landfill target.

“Our improving Beer Print will fuel our top-line growth, by creating shared partnership opportunities with our customers and delighting our consumers through our brands”

- Peter Swinburn

I am particularly interested in exploring how we use our robust performance and engaged people to fuel our top line growth. We value the input of our stakeholders to shape our activities in areas where we can achieve shared value. To that end, in 2014 we carried out a global customer survey, taking the time to interview strategic customers across all of our regions to understand their risks and opportunities and seek ways where we can jointly solve CR challenges and turn them into opportunities. From that work, it is clear that our water leadership position is still of importance, along with our ability to promote a strong alcohol responsibility agenda. We also know that packaging and waste, as well as traceability and sourcing integrity of ingredients are high on the agenda. We will use these inputs to support joint collaborative activity with these and other commercial partners. Details of the survey can be seen here.

As always we have a clear focus on building our reputation around Alcohol Responsibility, supported by our on-going backing of the ‘CEO Commitments to Reduce Harmful Use of Alcohol’. A full audit of all of our regions in 2013 has shown we are in great shape, and are able to lead with a number of best-in-class initiatives.

Work to integrate the former StarBev business into our Molson Coors Europe operation has proved fruitful, with mutual leanings around key areas such as alcohol responsibility, operational efficiency, people and community engagement. It is great to see such enthusiasm to embrace this learning from all parties.

Finally I wish to highlight some wonderful work our Molson Coors India Cobra business has undertaken in partnership with Water for People to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to the communities in Bihar around our brewery. The way the brewery has embraced the community is genuinely humbling, and I am delighted with the on-going activity.

I take great pride in the world-class success we have achieved over the years with Our Beer Print CR program. It is not without its challenges, and I recognise that this is a continual journey where expectations and standards continually rise. I firmly believe that doing business the right way is the only way to operate and look forward to creating shared value opportunities with our commercial partners with the same ambitions to create value for our people, our shareholders and all our stakeholders.


Peter Swinburn, President and CEO
Molson Coors Brewing Company

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Peter Swinburn, President & CEO
"My job is to make sure that our company grows the right way."

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