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There are two ways to create your custom Molson Coors corporate responsibility report. You can browse the Responsibility section of our website and select Add to My Report for topics that interest you; or, you can go to our custom report builder (link to report builder page) and check the box next to each topic to prepare a report built just for you.

John Molson

"We are all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part."

- John Molson

Around the world, Molson Coors Brewing Company invests in the communities where we do business, supporting activities that engage people in active and healthy activities that improve their communities. Our global target is to invest 1% of pretax profits to our corporate citizenship contributions. In 2012 we contributed more than 2%.

To be effective community investors, Molson Coors adopts standards, ethics and sponsorship practices that represent the company as an active and valued member of the communities where it does business. Our community investment program is aligned to our corporate responsibility business strategy called Our Beer Print. Every time you pick up and beer and put it down, you leave a mark on the coaster/table – a beer print. Just like that mark, Molson Coors leaves a “print” on communities where we work and do business. Through Our Beer Print, Molson Coors will grow its positive beer print through community investments, the sociability of our product and economic impacts we have in our communities. Additionally, Molson Coors will shrink its negative beer print by educating stakeholders about alcohol responsibility and the importance of water sustainability. Our Beer Print focuses on three global themes:

Alcohol Responsibility/Respect - Watershed Sustainability - Community Cheer

Molson Coors investments are made locally, reflecting the different needs and practices in our markets and communities. See Case Studies for examples of how we are making strategic community investments. We ensure these investments are chosen to directly relate to our business objectives. Molson Coors promotes active and healthy lifestyles with beer in moderation as part of that. Our resources extend far beyond corporate donation. Much of this investment happens in the course of doing business, through our employment practices, our purchase of materials and services within communities, and our investment in sports, music and other activities that promote our brands.

Learn more about our Community Investment Principles.

Community Contributions

Our target is to invest 1% of pretax profits to our corporate citizenship contributions. In 2012 we contributed more than 2%, USD 11.8M. This figure is made up of cash contributions, employee volunteering during paid working hours, and product or service donations. Contributions budgets are set during the corporate Annual Operating Plan development, taking into account the changing business climate in each business unit, changing needs as identified by our stakeholders and our forecasted profit.

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Volunteering at Molson Coors is employee-driven.

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Our investments are made locally, guided by these global principles.

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Our investments are made locally, guided by these global principles.

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