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The significant absolute reductions in energy use were driven by a combination of capital investment targeted towards energy and GHG reduction and operational improvements to produce more efficiently and with less waste. The projects are numerous but of noteworthy mention are:

  • In our Patna Brewery (India), substitution of 100% of the furnace oil used to generate steam with a rice husk biomass which is locally supplied. As a result of the project, the brewery will reduce direct GHG emissions by 4,500 tCO2e per year, saving energy costs and generating a more secure supply of fuel.
  • Optimization of hot water streams in Tadcaster brewery to recovery previously wasted heat.
  • A new state-of-the-art refrigeration plant in the Alton brewery which reduces Energy Use (MJ) considerably.
  • Consolidation of a multi-disciplinary Energy Management Team at Vancouver brewery that has identified many operational improvements and mobilized resources to take action.
  • Recovery of residual heat from the boiler stack for use in pre-heating during the brewing process (Montreal).
  • Boiler optimization in the Patna, India brewery through use of automated controls of air and fuel intake.

In 2012, we reflected on the important gains in energy efficiency achieved in the 2008-2012 period and what was needed to drive continued energy savings and reductions in our GHG footprint in the future. As a result, we set a new and ambitious target to improve energy efficiency by 25% by 2020 from 2011 levels. In 2013, we plan on building on efficiency gains made in the past and making sustained progress towards the 2020 targets.

The data has been independently reviewed in accordance with ISAE 3000 and disclosed to investors in our 2013 10K as part of the evaluation of climate change risk. The data tables below report energy use and GHG emissions by region for Molson Coors Brewing Company. Due to our 42% equity share in MillerCoors in the US, we also report 42% of their environmental impact. Whilst we have always reported the data by region, historically MillerCoors was included in our total figures. From this point on we are reporting MillerCoors separately.


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2008-2012 Target
Energy Intensity (MJ per hectolitre of beer) - Target for operations in Canada, UK and International 148.3 MJ/hl 139 MJ/hl 133.4 MJ/hl 133.3 MJ/hl 133.2 MJ/hl 126 MJ/hl

Energy Use and GHG Emissions by Region [ 2011 ]

Molson Coors MillerCoors
UK Canada US
Energy Use (MJ) 1,522,077,191 1,711,536,363 5,927,591,127
Electricity Purchased (MJ) 363,484,935 460,647,648 1,433,317,592
Scope 1 (tonnes of CO2) 77,011 90,789 257,325
Scope 2 (tonnes of CO2) 48,701 7,731 397,250

Energy Use and GHG Emissions by Region [ 2012 ]

Molson Coors MillerCoors
UK Canada India* US
Electricity Use (MJ) 1,470,583,467 1,636,872,209 46,273,704 5,853,935,895
Electricity Purchased (MJ) 355,600,708 451,382,067 7,882,550 1,396,902,190
Scope 1 (tonnes of CO2) 72,669 85,742 917 220,139
Scope 2 (tonnes of CO2) 47,645 7,272 2,049 409,632

* India integrated into our reporting systems


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