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A commitment to conserving water and ensuring it as a sustainable resource is part of Molson Coors' heritage and future. The quality of our beer is directly tied to the quality of the water we use to produce it, and the sustainability of our business depends on a secure supply of high quality water. As such, action to reduce water consumption is driven by the company's strategic objectives related to growth and recognition as world-class in corporate responsibility. Accountability for reducing water consumption and managing water-related risks lies with the Chief Supply Chain Officer who reports progress on a quarterly basis to the Enterprise Leadership Team as part of both the Enterprise Risk Management Process as well as the Performance Review process.

In 2009, Molson Coors set an ambitious target of reducing its water consumption per unit of production by 15% in 2012 from a 2008 baseline1. This target was shared by each and every brewery and annual plans developed to achieve the necessary reductions. By 2012, we had reduced total water consumption by over 12.6 million hectoliters, equivalent to 504 Olympic swimming pools, as a result of consistent investment in water conservation and continuous process improvements. Unfortunately, the production context has made it more difficult to reduce water intensity and caused us to fall short of the 15% target by a margin of 8%. MCBC ended 2012 with a water intensity 7% lower than in 2008. See Our Performance for full details.

1The water intensity objective is an industry standard applied to breweries with the denominator expressed in hectoliters. It does not include non-production sites such as offices or the maltings facility in the UK due to the production being in dry tonnes as opposed to hectoliters.

  • Our water strategy was adopted in 2009 and is based on the commitments in the CEO Water Mandate, which we signed in 2008. See our Communication on Progress. Our policies and procedures are designed to enable Molson Coors to meet current challenges and get ahead of future risks to avoid cost, protect and enhance the watersheds we operate in, and protect our company’s reputation. We continue to evaluate best practices as they emerge and will update our policies and management systems as appropriate.

    Our strategy is governed by the global water management team, responsible for the company's water supply, management and sustainability. In addition, each brewery has dedicated employees responsible for water and environmental sustainability. Further driving home our commitment to water stewardship, water reduction targets are included in the Global Chief Supply Chain Officer's performance plan and are also tied to employee incentives.


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The environment is a key ingredient to our success. Read how we’re taking care of it.

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