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The significant absolute reductions in consumption were driven by a combination of capital investment targeted towards water savings and operational improvements to produce more efficiently and with less waste. The projects are numerous but of noteworthy mention are:

  • Investment in a third phase of water recovery from the reverse osmosis water conditioning plant at Tadcaster brewery. This last project has brought the breweries water consumption down to truly world-class levels of 2.9 hl/hl.
  • A new and more efficient water softening plant to process boiler feed-water at our Alton brewery.
  • Construction of an effluent treatment plant with Anaerobic Digestion technology in our Patna Brewery which will allow for re-use in grounds cleaning.
  • Conversion of conveyor belts from water lubrication to dry lubrication in several facilities including Vancouver and Montreal.

In 2012, we took a hard look at the progress-to-date in water conservation and the continued savings that would be needed to adequately mitigate water-related Supply Chain risks and meet our stakeholder's expectations on water sustainability. As a result, we have committed to improving our water efficiency by 20% by 2020 from 2011 levels. Despite the difficulty in implementing financially viable investments in water conservation, we felt that an ambitious long-range objective was needed to drive continued success in sustainable management of water resources.

The data has been independently reviewed in accordance with ISAE 3000 and disclosed to investors in our 2013 10K as part of the evaluation of climate change risk. The data tables below report water use by region for Molson Coors Brewing Company. Due to our 42% equity share in MillerCoors in the US, we also report 42% of their environmental impact. Whilst we have always reported the data by region, historically MillerCoors was included in our total figures. From this point on we are reporting MillerCoors separately.


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2008-2012 Target
Total Water Intensity (hectolitres of water use per hectolitre of beer) - Target for operations in Canada and UK 5.11 4.75 4.74 4.61 4.76 4.35

Water Use by Region (hl) [ 2011 ]

Molson Coors MillerCoors
UK Canada US
Groundwater Withdrawal 49,889,951 49,203,989 59,905,626
Direct Surface Water Withdrawal 0 0 18,074,332
Purchased Water 7,715,190 48,987,029 55,401,130
Water Returned to Source at Similar or Higher Quality 0 0 80,107,353

Water Use by Region (hl) [ 2012 ]

Molson Coors MillerCoors**
UK Canada India* US
Groundwater Withdrawal 41,952,905 92,164 1,472,659 56,697,600
Direct Surface Water Withdrawal 0 0 0 27,639,035
Purchased Water 8,725,489 49,192,453 0 49,805,396
Water Returned to Source at Similar or Higher Quality 0 0 0 85,788,157

* India integrated into our reporting systems
** Water use from non-brewery production sites added for first time in 2012


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