Brewing Greatness

Bent on Brewing Greatness

With more than 350 years of combined brewing heritage in the US, Canada, and the U.K, we're more passionate than ever about making great beer. We've won many international awards, but awards aren’t as important as great beer. We're always working to perfect our brands and develop new ones to delight the world’s beer drinkers.

So what makes brewing greatness, anyway?

Dedicated Master Brewers

At Molson Coors, our master brewers uphold our brewing traditions and inspire us to innovate. Their expertise in the art and science of brewing is evident in each of our award-winning brews. Many of our brewers are educated in biochemistry, biology, or engineering. And by ‘educated’, we mean ‘with PhDs’.

To ensure that brewing traditions are passed down through the generations, Molson Coors' seasoned brewmasters spend time to mentor up-and-coming brewers.

It’s All About Ingredients

Good ingredients make good beer. Molson Coors sources the finest available water, hops, barley, yeast and grains. We require suppliers to pass a rigorous quality audit before approval. Even then, we continue to monitor the integrity of the materials and ingredients they supply

Timeless Tastes That Take Time to Produce

Quality can't be rushed. At each of our breweries, Molson Coors brewers perform quality checks at every step in the brewing process. Highly trained employees perform several types of evaluations (microbiological, analytical, and sensory) at different stages. And we let our beers mature until our expert tasters say they are ready to drink, with an average longer production time than many brewers in the industry.

An Innovative Spirit

Whether it is through a Belgian-inspired craft beer like Blue Moon, or the lower-alcohol Carling C2, our brewmasters live to delight our beer drinkers. At our pilot breweries in Toronto and Golden, these beer gurus spend their days perfecting existing brews and experimenting with new ones.

Recently we launched Molson M, the world’s only microcarbonated lager. Our exclusive microcarbonation preserves the delicate flavors from the brewing process and offers drinkers a whole new way to savor their beer.

Brewing greatness means our work is never done. And that's fine, because we really like what we do.


Beer is our passion, our heritage, and our future.

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