Brewery Locations

Here is where brewing greatness begins - at each one of our 33 breweries, where heritage and craftsmanship meet the finest ingredients, stringent quality standards and some of the most advanced brewing technology. Our Molson Coors brewery network provides more than 100 beer brands to 50 countries.

Albany, GA
Albany Brewery
Chippewa Falls, WI
Leinenkugel Brewery
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Brewery
Golden, CO
Golden Brewery
Irwindale, CA
Irwindale Brewery
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Brewery
Trenton, OH
Trenton Brewery
Elkton, VA
Shenandoah Brewery

Creemore, ON
Creemore Brewery
Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Brewery
St. John's, NL
St. John's Brewery
Toronto, ON
Toronto Brewery
Montreal, QC
Montreal Brewery
Moncton, NB
Moncton Brewery
Granville Island, BC
Granville Island Brewery
Haskovo, Bulgaria
Haskovo Brewery
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Plovdiv Brewery
Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb Brewery
Ostrava, Czech Republic
Ostravar Brewery
Prague, Czech Republic
Staropramen Brewery
Warrington, England
Burtonwood Brewery
Burton on Trent, England
Burton Brewery
Rock, England
Sharp's Brewery, Ltd.
Tadcaster, England
Tower Brewery
Bőcs, Hungary
Borsodi Brewery
Trebjesa, Montenegro
Trebjesa Brewery
Apatin, Serbia
Apatin Brewery
Ploiești, Romania
Bergenbier Brewery
Cork, Ireland
Franciscan Well Brewery
Patna, India
Molson Coors Cobra Brewery


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