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3.9% ABV

Águila is Colombia's No. 1 brand. First brewed in 1913, it is a cultural icon, throughout the Colombian social and sports landscape. Only Águila has that unique balance between bitterness and sweetness, making it an authentic beer with a refreshing taste.


3.5% ABV

Amstel Light is brewed in Amsterdam, part of a brewing tradition that dates back to 1870. At just 95 calories per bottle, its unique mixture of barley and hops delivers a full – never diluted – flavor that’s just as tasty as regular beer.


5.0% ABV

Premium quality, light golden colour, hoppy flavour. Brewed using only natural ingredients of barley-malt, hops, yeast and brewing water.


4.6% ABV

Birra Moretti is a bottom fermented quality, golden coloured lager from Italy. Moretti has a smooth, well-balanced, delicate malt flavour, a slight hop aroma and a crisp taste that cleanses the palate with a delicious and pleasant aftertaste.


4.6% ABV

Corona is a premium beer, classic and authentic, recognized worldwide for its high quality, refreshing taste and image. Serve with a lime wedge for an unparalleled flavour of relaxation.


4.5% ABV

Brewed since 1921, Cristal is Peru's No. 1 selling beer, combining a light-bodied liquid with strong Andean imagery. It has been the No. 1 selling U.S. import from South America over the last eight years, primarily appealing to the approximately one million Peruvian consumers in the U.S.


4.8% ABV

Cusqueña is a super-premium lager from Cuzco, the seat of the Inca empire. Brewed since 1911, it uses only the finest natural ingredients, including pure mountain water from a source at 18,000 feet in the Peruvian Andes.


5.9% ABV

Desperados, the first tequila flavoured beer, is highly refreshing gold coloured, full-bodied lager with a kick of tequila. The shade of tequila, in balance with lemon & lime, and the nicely blended moderate bitterness gives Desperados beer a well-balanced daring taste with a sparkling finish. 


4.6% ABV

Dos Equis Lager is a crisp, golden, and full-bodied lager that offers just the right balance of flavour and refreshment. This pilsner-style beer has a light taste, smooth composition, and clean finish that balances a rich meal.


5.0% ABV

Foster’s Lager is “Australian for beer” in the U.S. and more than 150 other countries. Foster’s was first brewed in Australia in 1888 by two brothers who dreamed of making a new kind of beer. The taste of Foster’s Lager they created more than 100 years ago is still preferred among today’s beer drinkers. Foster's is freshly brewed in the U.S. at MillerCoors under the close supervision of Foster's Australia.


4.9% ABV

George Killian’s Irish Red is an authentic Irish lager based on an original family recipe that dates back to 1864 in Enniscorthy, Ireland. The recipe used only pure spring water and the finest caramel malts roasted longer and slower to give the brew a rich red color and distinctive taste. It is still known for its rich amber color and thick, creamy head.


5.0% ABV

Untraditional since 1615, Grolsch, the classic premium Dutch lager, owes its superb quality to the selection of the finest ingredients, a natural brewing process and the unique combination of two hop types; taste and aroma hops, discovered by Peter Cuyper in the mid 1600s and still used today.


4.7% ABV

Hamm's, first brewed in 1865, is America's classic premium beer, "Born in the Land of Sky Blue Waters."


5.0% ABV

Imported from Holland, Heineken is a full-bodied premium lager that has remained true to its original family recipe since 1886. Heineken is brewed from the finest of natural ingredients: pure water, 100% malted barley, choice hops and the proprietary A-yeast strain that creates its unparalleled and characteristic taste. Heineken is sold in Canada by Molson and is one of the country's leading European lagers.


4.8% ABV

First brewed in 1856, award-winning Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve is true to the heritage begun by Henry Weinhard himself. Private Reserve is still crafted in the old, 37-step brewing process, then aged to perfection. The result is a smooth, aromatic classic. Henry Weinhard Brands: Belgian Style Wheat, Blonde, Blue Boar, Classic Dark Lager, Hefeweizen, India Pale Ale, Private Reserve, Summer Wheat Ale.


5.0% ABV

Top fermented white beer spiced with coriander and curacao orange peels. It has a heady, spicy nose with a soft and delightful sour/sweet taste. 


5.5% ABV

Icehouse is ice brewed below freezing resulting in the formulation of ice crystals and a bold, never watered-down taste that you enjoy each time you drink an ice-cold Icehouse.


5.2% ABV

Lech is a Polish pilsner that stems from a rich brewing history in Poland. The beer's harmonious combination of flavor and carbonation contributes to the beers exquisite, refreshing qualities.


4.9% ABV

Inspired by its natural Northwoods surroundings, Leinenkugel’s brews an adventurous array of German-style beers with a unique American twist. Leinenkugel brands include Honey Weiss, Sunset Wheat, Berry Weiss, Helles Yeah, Red Lager, Creamy Dark, Original, India Pale Lager, Summer Shandy, Cranberry Ginger Shandy, Grapefruit Shandy and Big Eddy. 


6.6% ABV

Leffe is a traditional Belgian beer with a nearly 800-year history. Since its creation, it has been produced after the authentic recipes of the monks from the Belgian abbeys. The specific taste of Leffe is derived from the carefully selected aroma malt, which gives the distinctive dark yellow colour of the beer.


5.2% ABV

A premium German style lager dating back to 1383 and the official beer of Munich's Oktoberfest. It's distinguished by its pale gold colour, soft malt & grain flavour and clean refreshing hop finish.


5.6% ABV

Magnum delivers smooth, refreshing beer taste and enjoyment in a malt liquor. Live life out loud.


5.6% ABV

Mickey’s is the fine malt liquor with a full body, moderate bitterness and a fruity aroma.


2.8% ABV

Miller64 is the perfect choice for consumers striving to maintain a sense of balance throughout their busy lifestyle. Not only does the fresh, crisp flavor make each social gathering a revitalizing experience, but with only 64 calories and 2.4 carbs, Miller64 is a guiltless pleasure for moments of relaxation.


4.2% ABV

Launched in 2007, Miller Chill is a refreshing light beer brewed with a hint of lime and a pinch of salt inspired by a classic Mexican recipe, the chelada. With Miller Chill, we are giving American beer drinkers a unique twist on refreshment that can be enjoyed with friends and family during many different occasions throughout the year.


6.9% ABV

The jet black bottle is branded with the Miller script "M," a nod to Miller's time honored brewing tradition. Miller Fortune is undistilled at 6.9% ABV and crafted with caramel malts and cascade hops for a balanced taste and smooth finish. It's best served in a rocks glass


4.7% ABV

Miller Genuine Draft delivers a fresh from the tap taste through its proprietary “cold-filtered four times” brewing process. Introduced nationally in 1986, Miller Genuine Draft was born as a “cut-above,” Today, Miller Genuine Draft is reinforcing its birthright as the best of the full calorie mainstream beers.


4.7% ABV

Miller High Life, the "champagne of beers," dates to 1903. With its rich heritage, it is known by its drinkers as an authentic, unpretentious beer.


4.2% ABV

Miller Lite, is the great tasting, less filling beer that defined the American light beer category in 1975. Today, Miller Lite is the ultimate light beer, known for its inherent quality of great taste. 


4.2% ABV

Introduced in 1984, Milwaukee's Best Premium features premium taste, without the premium price. Milwaukee’s Best won the silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2003 for American Lager/Ale or Cream Ale, silver in 2004 and bronze in 2005 for American-Style Lager.


4.1% ABV

Murphy's Irish Stout is imported from Ireland. It employs a top fermentation brewing method, using a dark roasted barley malt, with no added preservatives.


4.7% ABV

Newcastle Brown Ale is The One and Only ale imported from England. It’s a golden-brown ale with a rich, full-bodied flavour, that delivers a sublimely smooth taste experience. 


8.0% ABV

Olde English 800 is one of America's leading malt liquor brands. Commonly referred to as "OE800," it offers smooth, rich taste with a slightly fruity aroma that is a favorite among malt liquor drinkers. OE wears the crown because it is the King of Malt Liquors.


5.1% ABV

Imported from Rome, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the No. 1 premium brand in Italy and is the most widely sold Italian beer brand overseas (it’s found in 38 countries). The light, crisp European lager is produced using only the highest quality natural ingredients grown in Italy.


4.4% ABV

Pilsner Urquell was first brewed in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic, in 1842. Its brilliant clarity, golden color and light body made it an instant success in a world that was accustomed only to dark, heavy, cloudy beers. Even the name Pilsner Urquell, which literally means "original source of pilsner beer," acclaims its role in defining a category of beer. Pilsner has been brewed in the West since 1926.


5.0% ABV

Introduced in 1994 and brewed with two barley malts and five varieties of American hops, Red Dog is a bold, yet uncommonly smooth beer.


5.0% ABV

Crisp like an apple. Brewed like an ale. Redd's Apple Ale is an apple flavored golden ale with low malt and bitterness cues. This gives it a crisp, clean finish and allows the natural apple flavor to come through for a perfectly balanced sweet and refreshing taste.


4.5% ABV

Made from the purest Swedish spring water, traditional yet modern Rekorderlig Apple Cider is best served over ice for a crisp, cool and refreshing experience. Other premium flavour variants available include: Pear, Wild Berries, Mango-Raspberry, Strawberry-Lime, Orange-Ginger, Blackcurrant, Winter Cider, and Passionfruit.


0.4% ABV

When you want the taste and refreshment of a beer, but without the alcohol, have a Sharp's. Introduced in 1989, Sharp's is a non-alcohol alternative to premium beers. Our patented Ever-Cool® brewing process allows Sharp's to be brewed at a lower temperature, minimizing production of alcohol and giving Sharp's the great taste of beer.


5.0% ABV

Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi (born Boonrawd Sreshthaputra) was the first person to brew Singha in 1933 – after having been given the Royal Permission to create the first Thai beer. Singha is still owned by the family of Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi today, and still displays the Royal Garuda on the bottleneck. This great tasting Thai beer has become part of Thailand’s heritage and pride, with the continued vision of the Boonrawd family taking the brand to 50 countries worldwide.


6.0% ABV

Smith & Forge is a hard cider that gives a nod to the great cider-drinking men who came before us. With a rich amber color, not-too-sweet flavor profile, and 6% ABV, Smith & Forge Hard Cider is Built from Apples and Built to Refresh the hardiest of palates.


5.0% ABV

Southpaw Light is double-hopped with Cluster and Galena hops for a fuller-flavored light beer. Available in select states.


4.5% ABV

Medium-bodied and crisp, with a deep golden colour, Sol has an aroma that mingles the subtle essence of rare flowers with fine malt. Delicate citrus notes balanced by magical hints of vanilla, malt, and zesty hop accent quietly express themselves in the beer’s flavour. Together they create an aftertaste that is slightly sweet and completely refreshing.


6.0% ABV

The Sparks portfolio includes Sparks Original, Sparks Plus, Sparks Red and Sparks Lemon Stinger. Sparks Original is a blend of fruit flavors that delivers an explosion of sweetness.


8.1% ABV

Introduced in 1998, Steel Reserve is the dominant brand in the fast growing high gravity lager category. The cans feature a vertical red 211 logo, representing the medieval symbol for steel. Steel Reserve is a slow-brewed with extra barley and select hops, giving it an exceptionally smooth taste.


5.2% ABV

Stella Artois is a premium European lager of noble traditions, that truly symbolizes European style and sophistication. It traces its' roots to 1366, has a full distinctive taste and is brewed with the finest barley and hops.


5.3% ABV

Strongbow is the #1 cider brand in the world and the leader of the import cider segment in Canada. Deep golden straw colour, crisp and dry, it is a perfectly balanced medium dry cider that is light in body and slightly bitter. Light and lively carbonated, it provides a refreshing drinking experience.


4.5% ABV

Citrus notes and bittering hops give golden-coloured Tecate its distinctive and highly aromatic character. From the first pour, the scents of rich earth and roasted malt gently assert themselves.


5.4% ABV

Tyskie, first brewed in 1629, is the No. 1 brand in Poland, and a two-time grand champion of the Brewing Industry International Award. The brand is rich in heritage from its origins near the beautiful city of Krakow and has since been elevated to national prominence, appealing to discerning consumers as the finest Polish beer with a full, satisfying taste.


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