Signature Brands


4.7% ABV

Apatinsko pivo is the oldest beer in the Apatin Brewery portfolio and is one of the most popular beers in Serbia. It’s a high quality beer in value segment due to the heritage of the brewery and Jelen. 


4.5% ABV

Astika Lux was first released on the Bulgarian market in 1980 and it became the favorite beer of many connoisseurs very soon after its launch. As the pride of the 80s, it won 5 consecutive golden medals from the Monde Selection. Astika Fine Quality is the current name of the brand; but the “lux” heritage is still very much alive.


4.8% ABV

Bergenbier is one of the most popular beers on the Romanian market. A pioneer in its own way, Bergenbier was the first mainstream beer to be distributed nationwide, the first Romanian beer that initiated a partnership with football and the first mainstream Romanian beer that offered a non-alcoholic alternative.


4.6% ABV

Borsodi is the umbrella name for a beer "family." The head of the family, Borsodi Beer, is the most well-known brand. Borsodi Sör is a leading national core lager brand. The secret of its consistently high quality and balanced pleasant taste lies in its components, the malt and the unique yeast. 


5.4% ABV

Blue Moon Belgian White is a refreshing, medium-bodied, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel for a uniquely complex taste and an uncommonly smooth finish. Blue Moon is traditionally served with a slice of orange to complement the orange peel used in the brewing process. Seasonals include: First Peach Ale, Summer Honey Wheat, Harvest Pumpkin Ale and Mountain Abbey Ale. 


4.0% ABV

Carling has been Britain’s bestselling lager for more than three decades. It is brewed to have the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness ensuring it is as brilliantly refreshing from the first sip to the last.


5.0% ABV

Brewed to an authentic Indian recipe with a modern twist for an extra smooth taste. A combination so good, it's won Cobra the title of world's most awarded beer. Using the finest natural ingredients and a traditional Indian blend of barley malt and yeast, with maize, hops, rice and wheat, Cobra is an extra smooth and less gassy beer, quite unlike any other.


5.0% ABV

Legend has it that in the late 1800s, thirsty miners threw celebratory banquets, with Coors as the honorary beer because of its superior craftsmanship. Prior to its nationwide distribution, Coors built a cult following, with presidents, movie stars and consumers toting the beer back from Colorado or making special trips to buy the uniquely crisp and drinkable beer.


4.0% - 4.2% ABV

Thanks to its Rocky Mountain heritage, uncompromising brewing standards and its dedication to ice cold refreshment, Coors Light is one of the fastest growing light beers around the world.


4.0% ABV Cask and 4.3% Bottle

Doom Bar is inspired by its namesake, the treacherous sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary near Sharps' home at Rock. Accomplished and precise, Doom Bar is the epitome of consistency, balance and moreish appeal and is now the UK's no.1 selling cask beer.


5.0% ABV

Jelen pivo is Serbia’s leading beer brand with a long tradition and consistent quality. It’s a strong and recognizable national beer brand that’s part of a brewing tradition dating back more than 255 years. Jelen is the best-selling beer brand in the south-eastern European region.


4.4% ABV

Kamenitza is the leading beer brand in Bulgaria. It’s thirst-quenching, with excellent quality, a result of more than 130 years brewing expertise. Kamenitza has a rich taste, thanks to the ingredients: crystal clean water, high-quality malt and carefully selected hops.


4.2% ABV

Keystone Light is a light-bodied, crisp beer that is always smooth. Keystone Light is for those who know a beer among buddies always tastes best when it's smooth.


5.0% ABV

Canada is known around the world for our vast wilderness, thousands of freshwater lakes, and golden Prairie barley fields as far as the eye can see. Our land is packed full of nature at its best. And it’s from this land that we make our signature beer, Molson Canadian. Brewed with Canadian water, prairie barley and no preservatives, the result is a beer as clean, crisp and fresh as the country it comes from.


5.5% ABV

To beer drinkers who value the genuine friendships they make and keep, Molson Dry is the only lager that provides easy refreshment with no aftertaste so that it sets the scene for naturally simple enjoyment because Molson Dry has a crisp, dry finish with an added 0.5% advantage


5.0% ABV

Molson Export is the refreshing, satisfying ale that signals confidence, pride and determination for those that believe that everything tastes more satisfying when you give it your all.


5.2% ABV

Nikšićko is produced from all natural ingredients and pure mountain spring water. The result is being one of the best quality beers in Serbia and Montenegro. The beer is also exported to more than 10 countries worldwide.


5.0% ABV

Ožujsko is the leading and best selling beer on the Croatian market. It’s made from natural ingredients: barley, yeast, hops and water. The beer has a golden color, is refreshing, has a smooth taste and a fine bitter flavor. It also has a nickname – Žuja – which was given by consumers.


5.0% ABV

With a smooth, refined finish and stunning golden hue, this German-style pilsner is truly a beer with character. Rickard's Blonde is a full-bodied beer with blonde copper colour hues and a lasting white foam. The unique blend of hops provide a complex bouquet of citrus, fresh cut grass and roses.


4.8% ABV

Rich and creamy with a finely polished finish. This English-style porter is as luxurious as its dark, smoky colour with a smooth finish that holds just a hint of pure Quebec maple syrup.


5.2% ABV

The first-ever Rickard’s, this full-flavoured, Irish-style ale boasts a remarkable character that’s perfect for any occasion. Crafted using three different malted barleys, Pacific Northwest hops and the finest Brewer's Caramel, Rickard's Red is exceptionally flavorful with a smooth finish.


5.4% ABV

Brewed in the Belgian tradition, Rickard’s White is an unfiltered wheat beer with a natural cloudy appearance. Rickard’s White makes this style its own by brewing wheat and oats that mingle with ground coriander and orange peel for a light spiciness that ends in a smooth finish.


5.0% ABV

In every glass of Staropramen lies the free spirit of Prague. The well balanced, full bodied, highly drinkable and pleasantly smooth taste offers a rewarding pleasure of the genuine Czech beer.


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