Enhancing the Business Through Wellbeing

"UK workers have an average (median) 10 days unscheduled absence from their jobs each year. With the average UK salary around £25,000, absenteeism is costing British business approximately £32 billion per annum, far more than previous studies have suggested. This figure is also likely to be conservative, as it reflects direct cost of absence and does not take into account potential replacement costs and lost productivity."

Source: PWC 2 Apr 2011

In response to the rising costs of absenteeism within the business and challenges identified in the global annual people survey around health and wellbeing, the Molson Coors UK team developed a coordinated Wellbeing campaign. The objectives were to:

  1. Ensure that outputs and activities were strongly aligned to our focus on prioritization, brilliant execution & attacking costs.
  2. Address key areas identified in the people survey.
  3. Be thoughtful about those individuals/ teams most in need of support.
  4. Utilize our Occupational Health Team from across the business.

Despite already having many good initiatives such as Our Beer Print Month and existing safety campaigns, we saw an opportunity to improve the link between our communications, people and occupational health activities through a comprehensive wellbeing campaign.

Communication for all

Using our internal social media network Yammer a Health and Wellness group was established so that employees could share information on issues such as work life balance, mental health and physical wellbeing and diet.

We arranged for our on-site cafes to have more visible labeling, healthy menus and publicize external health events e.g. Fruity Friday.

Wellbeing messaging was integrated into key company communications and highlighted at events such as the quarterly leadership meetings.

Technology, like Office Communicator, has improved flexibility of work locations, avoided unnecessary travel and enabled opportunities to work remotely.

The campaign also realizes business efficiencies direct cost savings and time savings, which help the company operates more effectively. this is a long term changes behavior culture of business. change does not happen overnight we will continue to support these activities that make Molson Coors a healthier workplace.

Employees working together outside of the office environment while volunteering for the community, helps build teamwork, provide variety and increase engagement in overarching business activities.

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