Growing the Low-Alcohol Category in Europe

Growing the Low-Alcohol Category in Europe

At Molson Coors we are successful when our products are consumed the right way. We're deeply concerned about excessive, irresponsible and underage drinking. We want our quality products to be enjoyed responsibly by those old enough to drink. Read our Global Alcohol Policy and Our Views to better understand our commitments on these critical issues.

As part our continued ambition to drive responsibility across the alcohol category we have actively pursued the development of low alcohol fruit flavoured beer mixes. These products, like all our products, are designed to have primary appeal and to be consumed by legal-aged consumers. These products are in general 3% ABV or below, so a very low alcoholic strength product offering real lower option choice to the consumer. To date we have lower ABV beer mix mixes in 8 countries (UK, Hungary, Czech, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania).

"Molson Coors recognises that respect for alcohol is essential to its proper, responsible enjoyment. We are committed to developing lower ABV beers, which meet a growing consumer desire for lighter products that fit with changing lifestyles and tastes. We believe our leadership in this area has served as a catalyst for the industry to create more lower-strength beers." – Scott Wilson, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer

Industry Support

These lower alcohol products have been welcomed by public health authorities as responsible and contributing to health by reducing overall alcohol consumption. They are a major contributor to the reduction in alcohol units in the UK described in the section on UK Alcohol Responsibility Deal (designed to reduce alcohol consumption in the UK by 1bn units of alcohol (over 4 yrs) by improving choice of low alcohol products and reduction of ABV in existing products. In fact the total one billion unit target, due to be delivered by the end of 2015, was reached at the end of 2014 with 1.3 billion units of alcohol removed, with beer delivering an impressive 1.2 billion of the total. Molson Coors UK played a significant role in this total with the introduction of Carling Zest, a 2.8% ABV beer and Carling Fruit Coolers, a 2% ABV fruit-flavoured lager.

Brand Extensions

Beer mixes have played a significant role in growing the beer category in the region and have been launched as extensions to the local mainstream brands in all nine markets in Central Europe.

Staropramen launched Staropramen Cool Cider Beer Mix in 2013, the world's first low-alcohol cider beer mix. Staropramen Brewer’s Lemonade, a natural zero alcohol malt based beverage launched in 2013 in the Czech Republic has been so successful that we have launched additional flavour variants and packaging formats in the spring of 2014.

Borsodi Friss and Friss Zero, Ozujsko Mix, Kamenitza Fresh and Bergenbier Fresh have been launched in a variety of flavours across Central Europe.

Molson Coors Brewing Company (NYSE: TAP; TSX: TPX) and Hornell Brewing Co., Inc., affiliate of AriZona Beverages, announced today that they have entered into a partnership agreement whereby Molson Coors will market and distribute a new Flavored Malt Beverage (FMB) brand - Arnold Palmer Spiked Half & Half – in the United States through its US division, MillerCoors. The brand will be introduced later this year in select markets followed by a full national launch in early 2018.

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