Linking Farming and Water

Without great water we can’t make great beer, or grow great barley!

In the UK, we partner with LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a UK based agricultural charity that advocates Integrated Farm Management.

The partnership supports our barley growers around water and soil management, helping them understand and manage their water risk through the Water Management Tool. The tool offers farmers a complete health check for water use on their farms, finding ways to save money and to manage water in a holistic way, including aspects on; 

  • Better distribution mapping and water use monitoring,
  • Improved irrigation techniques,
  • More efficient washing systems,
  • Protecting water quality, and
  • Recycling and reusing.

At Molson Coors we encourage members of our Molson Coors Growers Group to use the tool in order to begin to really understand their sustainability commitments and more widely to support UK agriculture.

In the US, we collaborate with RTI International to evaluate water risk, provide guidance on irrigation practices, and support local stakeholders on water related issues and solutions. In addition, RTI and MCBC provide strategic information to identify priorities for developing new sources of malt barley. Due to increased rainfall and MillerCoors' water reduction efforts, our Grower Direct Program reduced water usage by 32% in 2016.


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