Our Beer Print Commitment Panel

In October 2012 Molson Coors in the UK rolled out secondary packaging that now includes an Our Beer Print Commitment Panel. The Panel contains information on responsible drinking as well as on the environmental and social impacts of our products. It also directs our consumers to our Corporate Responsibility website OurBeerPrint.com.


This is the first time we have actively tried to engage the UK consumer in our Corporate Responsibility activity, and a clear demonstration to our Off Trade Customers, how seriously we take our commitment to do business the right way.

These commitment panels are being rolled out across all our range. On Cobra, the label features a commitment to continue minimizing resource use in the brewing process and also to Cobra’s charitable foundation, alongside existing information on responsible drinking and packaging details.

Even Jean Claude Van Damme didn’t want to miss out on the action. He has decided to put his spin on Our Beer Print in his own unique manner– something we are grateful for of course.

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