Leader. Award-Winning Photographer. Dedicated Family Man. And Survivor

Leader. Award-Winning Photographer. Dedicated Family Man. And Survivor

Twenty years ago, Scott Wilson stepped into Molson Coors’ United Kingdom office for the first time with a journalist’s mind, a photographer’s eye and a curiosity for life. Fast forward to Denver, Colorado, where he and his family now reside, and Scott continues to focus his creative lens on leading the global Corporate Affairs strategy for the company, while also perfecting his award-winning landscape and wildlife portfolio in his mountainous surroundings.

Photographer’s Perspective: adjusting the lens. Scott says one of his biggest lessons from photography is perspective. It’s a creative expression that allows him to focus on the big picture or to change the lens and dive into detail. Each subject is different and may require a change in lighting, composition or depth. His perspective has translated to his successes as a leader in the company and has helped him remain poised through life’s difficult challenges.

close up of a hummingbird

Capturing the perfect shot despite obstacles. In the last year, Scott has overcome Stage IV colon cancer. Throughout his treatment, he remained steadfast in his passions. He put his expertise to work and released his book, Through the Window, that was not only a combination of his creative prowess as an influential communicator and photographer, but it also demonstrated his strong advocacy for the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Seeing the big picture. Scott sees the world beyond the ordinary, uncovering the potential in every person he works with and every subject that he captures--the best attributes a leader in Molson Coors and a creative artist could have.

For more on Scott’s book and work with the Colon Cancer Alliance, click here and here.

“Whether it’s my career with Molson Coors, photography or beating cancer, my leadership and successes in life have been defined by having a clear vision and an absolute determination to achieve my goals. ”