At Molson Coors, we have our sights set on becoming a top-tier global brewer.  We hire the best talent and then provide an environment of career development, growth and success.

A Love Of Great Beer

Beer is our passion, heritage and future. We work tirelessly to delight the world’s beer drinkers.

A Passion For Creating Extraordinary Brands

Our global beer portfolio has more than 100 brands. We’ve got a long and successful history of creating local and international brands our beer drinkers love.

A Dedication To Innovation

We are always looking for ways to challenge the expected and bring something new and exciting to our beer drinkers, whether it's our Cold-Activated cans and bottles or the world's first microcarbonated lager.

A Business Built On Responsible Practices

We believe integrity, respect and accountability have to be a part of everything we do, everywhere we are, or it’s not worth doing.

People Highlights
People Highlights
  • We have 19,000 employees, 30 breweries, and operations in more than 50 countries.

  • Alongside our brands, our people and their career development is our most important asset.

  • We’re as passionate about life as we are about work, that’s why we’ve created a corporate culture that supports work/life balance and employee satisfaction.

Who We Are

Our culture, heritage, innovation and brands are built by our people.

Why Molson Coors?

We’re a global brewer with a passion for innovation.

Meet Our People

Our people make us who we are. Meet them here.

Our Hiring Process

Will you fit into our culture? Find out here.

Graduate and Intern Programs

Have an impact on a global company sooner than you think.

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Culture: Our Brew

How we reach our goals is as important as the goals themselves.

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Where We Work

Where We Work

We’re a global company that feels at home all over the world.

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BlueMoonBrewCo Blue Moon Brewing Co
This is the "pig-tail", and without it, we wouldn't be able to taste beer from the tank.
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RT @LaVidaMagazine: Coolest new arrival on the bar scene thanks to @coorslightuk
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CoorsLightIRL Coors Light Ireland
When the beer comes out, the phones go down.
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MolsonCDN67 Molson Canadian 67
Practice makes perfect. #DrivingRange #Golf #Sunday
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