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We care about the people we touch. Whether they’re within our walls or our communities.

Our Brew

Recipe for success: At Molson Coors, our vision is simple: We will become a top-tier global brewer. ‘Our Brew’ is the cultural compass that will keep us heading in the right direction. It defines who we are, what we value and how we’ll work together.

Challenge the expected: Molson Coors is a place for product innovation, technological innovation and all-around innovative thinkers. Our Brew calls for every Molson Coors employee, from CEO to sales coordinator, to ask the questions no one else is asking, and to answer them in a way that only we can. This mindset is a license to take smart risks that will grow our business.

Personal accountability: We have the responsibility to do what it takes to deliver results and to expect the same from our fellow team members. There is no finger-pointing here. We are a team.

Putting our drinkers first: Finally, we are united in our purpose – to create a portfolio of extraordinary brands that delight the world’s beer drinkers, built through the passion and dedication of everyone at Molson Coors.

At Molson Coors, our business aspirations are on the audacious side. We dream big and work hard. That means we need people on board who want to do the same. We know that attracting, developing and retaining the best talent – talent that reflects the diversity of our marketplace – is key to our success.

Both culturally and as a business strategy, we pay attention to the development, engagement and wellness of our employees. We actively listen to and act on their views particularly through our annual People Survey, knowing that highly engaged teams deliver the best business results. We strive to create a workplace where people who are passionate about the beer business can thrive.

Employment Profile (as of December 2016) 

Approx No. of Employees % Under Union
Corporate Center (US) 222 0%
Canada 2,139 54%
Central Europe 3,832
UK & Ireland 2,017 4%
International 342 0%
TOTAL 8,552 14.72%
MillerCoors (Merged with MCBC in Oct 2016) 7,845 26.9%


Demographic Data (Molson Coors Global)

2014 2015 2016

Employee turnover rate (total)

12% 16% 12%
Total - Male 6,934 6,622 6,408
Total - Female 2,175 2,115 2,144
Fatalities (including contractors) 0 0 0
Percentage of all management that is female 29% 30% 26%
Percentage of top1 management that is female 27% 28% 31%

1 includes Executives and Senior Management

See our Social Data for performance against our social impact indicators. 

Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is our single most important challenge. That is why we put tremendous energy into listening to and acting on the views of our employees. We know that employee engagement has a direct link to our business performance. More engaged employees have better safety records, higher performance, and less absenteeism.

Global People Survey

Employee engagement is measured through our Global People Survey, conducted by an independent party. The survey asks employees a number of ethical, social, and environmental questions strongly related to employee engagement. We look to the survey results to help identify both areas for improvement, as well as areas of strength on which to build.

In 2013, we took the decision to deploy the survey every other year vs. every year to allow for the teams to focus efforts on action planning against the survey indicators. We have implemented a global process where we focus on top drivers across the entire business. We completed our most current survey in the fall 2015 and saw a positive trajectory and growth in the areas the business focused on as a result of the 2013 survey. Our participation rate (84%) exceeded the industry survey participation rate (70%) and our global engagement improved by 8 points to 65%.

Our employees believe we are socially and environmentally responsible, 80% in the most recent survey. Through Our Beer Print we continue to educate, raise awareness and promote environmentally and socially responsible habits and opportunities for our employees and Company in areas including environmental conservation, community volunteerism and alcohol-responsibility.

Our Beer Print Engagement and Training

All employees are educated on our corporate responsibility strategy Our Beer Print. It is incorporated into all new employee induction programs. Existing employees are engaged in different aspects of the strategy throughout the year, such as Alcohol Responsibility Training, Business Performance Updates, Code of Conduct refresh etc. Every year we hold an Our Beer Print Month; the month focuses on key strategic areas of the company’s corporate responsibility program, including our 2020 Sustainability Strategy. It is an opportunity to build recognition and pride in Our Beer Print achievements and inspire our people to come together and take action across all our regions. Activities include fundraising events, community engagement and volunteer activities as well as an opportunity to celebrate and recognize success and raise awareness.

In our World Class Supply Chain, the Our Beer Print Pillar is the enterprise-wide strategy cascaded throughout the company to all breweries. The strategy has set ambitious goals to reduce energy use by 25%, reduce water use by 15% and send zero waste to landfill by 2020. Engaging employees is a key component of the strategy. Individual training workshops are held at every brewery with the teams involved to share the message, get full understanding and engagement.


Engaging and developing our people is a top priority at Molson Coors and listed as one of four focus areas for the company in our strategic plan. Career paths and developmental opportunities are a cornerstone of employee engagement. Our Talent Management Planning process, reviews the current performance and future potential of all management employees throughout the company and focuses on development plans. The process gives us a consistent, global method for getting the right people with the right skills in the right roles, at the right time. The review is closely aligned with our values and our Performance Management System, using these frameworks to assess talent, potential and performance.

  • Our on-going employee training and continued development includes:
  • Offering core training programs such as our Brilliant Conversations, Career Development Program, Brilliant Execution, and are designing a new program around Brilliant Coaching. We are also assessing our high potential programs – which include Global Leadership Development and General Manager programs.
  • Engaging all employees in different aspects of Our Beer Print strategy throughout the year, such as Alcohol Responsibility Training, Business Performance Updates, Code of Conduct refresh.
  • Setting new competency requirements for our sales organization and have also completed the first module of our Commercial Academy training for our Field Sales Management teams where we will train more than 2,500 sales employees globally.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Brew describes our culture and who we are, “…a company of diverse backgrounds, cultures and ideas, but our common set of values unites us and helps guide our decisions and actions.” We know that to win as a responsible business, we must create and support a culture of inclusion among our employees, suppliers, and consumers.

At Molson Coors, our emphasis is not just on diversity of race, ethnicity and gender but on diversity of perspectives, experience and background. We believe that the inclusion of differing perspectives, experience and background, is fundamental to our success. We hold true that diversity & inclusion, when unified with common values and mutual respect, powers greater innovation and that diverse teams will outperform. With the continued integration of the Central European business we have worked to incorporate not only the businesses together but also promote leaders from Central Europe into global roles where they can influence the business and bring new practices and experiences to the organization as a whole.

We are delighted that recently, one of our female Czech senior leaders was the focus of a high profile interview. As Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs she showcases Molson Coors' ability to support women, provide flexibility and diversity within the workplace. She credits the company’s flexible working arrangements for allowing her to manage her return to work following the birth of her two children and grow a career in what may have been considered a male dominated sector.

See Our Employees for our diversity demographic data.


We offer an outstanding total compensation package because, simply put, we want the best talent out there. We offer a competitive salary and bonus program based on getting results, and we offer flexible benefits so our people choose what’s important for them. Our benefits packages are designed to promote healthy lifestyles and work-life balance.

We promote healthy lifestyles across our global enterprise by offering our employees numerous health benefits that are tailored to the employee’s needs and culture by business unit and work location. Health and wellness, as well as healthy work-life balances through Flexible Work Scheduling, are emphasized and a key part of the Company culture. This benefits our employees with improved health, more energy, less pain and suffering and financially, with reduced medical premiums. Of course, this also benefits the Company with less attending work while sick and absenteeism, while our Company-paid medicals costs decrease, too.

Employees are offered a full range of health benefits dependent on their business/region as each business crafts the benefits according to their employee population. In some locations, this means employees choose between multiple medical plans, dental coverage, vision coverage, short-term disability and long-term insurance.

Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) across the enterprise provide free and confidential assistance such as family & personal relationships, personal crises, depression, anxiety, family care, financial & legal concerns, as well as health and well-being issues.

Molson Coors has a global commitment to doing business the right way. Health and safety at work is firmly part of this commitment. So much so safety engagement is called out in the framework of how we will deliver on our company goal to be first choice for customers and consumers. The safety and wellness of our people is fundamental to their engagement and we are actively working to build a workplace culture that embraces wellness and safety.

Since the introduction of our Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy over a decade ago we have improved our performance in this important area significantly by developing and executing country specific programs and initiatives to improve safety at work. In 2011, the introduction of ‘Safety the Molson Coors Way’ formalized our commitment to drive the right behaviours and highlight the importance of creating a culture of safety across our global network. It encompasses effective communication about safety through structured team meetings, hazard spotting and management in the workplace, behavioural safety, robust investigation when things go wrong and a world class approach to occupational health. Safety the Molson Coors Way has now been deployed in all of our breweries, offices and distribution centres.

Targets & Management

We also set a long-term target to deliver a 10% improvement in the Health & Safety performance of our employees and contractors year over year out to 2020, where we hope to have achieved our vision of ‘zero harm to our people’. Delivery of our safety programs is executed though our Global Governance teams. Our global Director of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) & Sustainability (working for our Vice President of Global Technical Governance) works to drive enterprise wide alignment of processes, standards and audit programs so that every part of the Molson Coors business runs EHS compliance to the same high standard. The Chief Supply Chain Officer holds ultimate accountability for our Health and Safety performance.

A key foundational element of ‘Safety the Molson Coors Way’ is our EHS Pillar. This is part of our World Class Supply Chain program & sets out the technical and organizational requirements every facility has to implement to comply with MCBC EHS standards. All our locations worldwide undergo a thorough, week long audit of the implementation of the EHS Pillar using internal experts who are all qualified to ISO Lead Auditor standards every year. The closure of identified improvement actions from these audits are tracked monthly and reported to the Global Chief Supply Chain officer, and we take a zero tolerance approach to overdue corrective actions.

Our Performance

In 2016, we continued to focus on our safety performance, with the lost time injury rate for employees of 1.08, representing a 9% reduction from 2015. The rate for contractors, however, returned to approximately the same level as 2014 with an 18% decline in 2016 from 2015.

Our performance in 2016 is disappointing but it is often encountered by many companies on their journey towards zero harm. We recognize that unlocking further performance improvements will involve deeper behavior and culture change, which takes time and resources. To that end, we are developing “EHS the Molson Coors Way” this year that will leverage change to both EHS culture and EHS tactics as we aspire to raise the bar on our performance.

Molson Coors Health and Safety Trends
2014 2015 2016
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR) - Overall (n/million hours worked) 1.44 0.99  1.17 
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR) - Contractors (n/million hours worked) 1.49 0.21  1.56 
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate(LTIFR) - Employees (n/million hours worked) 1.42  1.18  1.08 
Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (OIFR) - Employees (n/million hours worked) 0.38 0.48  0.43 
Fatalities (total no) Employees 0 0 0
Fatalities (total no) Contractors 0 0 0


Molson Coors Health and Safety by Region in 2016
Global1 MC Europe MC Canada MC International
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR) - Overall (n/million hours worked) 1.17 1.39  0.87  0.55 
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR) - Contractors (n/million hours worked) 1.55 1.63  5.05 
Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate(LTIFR) - Employees (n/million hours worked) 1.08 1.32  0.62  1.32 
Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (OIFR) - Employees (n/million hours worked)1 0.43 0.09  1.09 
Fatalities (total no) Employees 0 0 0 0
Fatalities (total no) Contractors  0 0 0 0

1 The data from our European, Canadian and International businesses are verified through internal audits. We have assured LTIFR and Severe Environmental Incidents since 2014 and OIFR since 2015. Our Environment Health & Safety data for 2016 has been externally verified by a third party, see our Assurance Statement.

Around the world, Molson Coors Brewing Company invests in the communities where we do business, supporting activities that engage people in active and healthy activities that improve their communities. Our 2016 investments are detailed below.

Cash contributions 2.1M


In-kind giving 278,574 48,300 
Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours 131,550 110,378

1 We report 42% of MillerCoors community contributions. They will be fully consolidated into Molson Coors reporting next year. 

To be effective community investors, Molson Coors adopts standards, ethics and sponsorship practices that represent the company as an active and valued member of the communities where it does business. Our community investment program is aligned to our corporate responsibility business strategy called Our Beer Print. Every time you pick up and beer and put it down, you leave a mark on the coaster/table – a beer print. Just like that mark, Molson Coors leaves a “print” on communities where we work and do business. Through Our Beer Print, Molson Coors will grow its positive beer print through community investments, the sociability of our product and economic impacts we have in our communities. Additionally, Molson Coors will shrink its negative beer print by educating stakeholders about alcohol responsibility and the importance of water sustainability. Our Beer Print focuses on three global themes:

Alcohol Responsibility - Watershed Sustainability - Community Cheer

Molson Coors investments are made locally, reflecting the different needs and practices in our markets and communities. See Case Studies for examples of how we are making strategic community investments. We ensure these investments are chosen to directly relate to our business objectives. Molson Coors promotes active and healthy lifestyles with beer in moderation as part of that. Our resources extend far beyond corporate donation. Much of this investment happens in the course of doing business, through our employment practices, our purchase of materials and services within communities, and our investment in sports, music and other activities that promote our brands.

Learn more about our Community Investment Principles.

To be effective community investors, Molson Coors adopts standards, ethics and sponsorship practices that represent the company as an active and valued member of the communities where we do business. Our investments are made locally, reflecting the different needs and practices in our markets and communities. In each major market, we:

  • Define and articulate a community-investment mission consistent with the overall corporate mission and regional conditions
  • Establish a clear, logical and consistent community investment process that unites with the global company vision and respects the division’s specific cultural sensitivities
  • Communicate openly, respectfully and in a timely manner with the public and our employees about our investments and the value created for the community and all involved through annual reporting
  • Disclose all investments/relationships with charity
  • Adopt policies and programs to promote active involvement of employees in community activities consistent with company and individual values
  • Provide information about their community investment guidelines, including program interests, resource limitations, and information about the process of applying for contributions
  • Measure each investment in terms of its positive impact on the community, its alignment with values of the company, our employees and its impact on the community perception of the company

Solicitation of Supplier Contributions

The ability to build and maintain trusted business relationships is critical to winning in beer. We do not want to do anything that may give the appearance we are trying to unfairly influence a supplier. Because of this, Molson Coors employees may not solicit charitable donations from suppliers. Employees may accept unsolicited contributions to an established Company-giving campaign. Such a donation will be attributed to the donor company or individual rather than the employee.

Our Process

Each business unit has a governing board made up of staff and executives that exercise active fiscal oversight.

The expectations of that board are clear:

  • Know and ensure compliance with local law
  • Approve an annual budget and assess and report to the CEO on the company’s community investment performance relative to the approved budget
  • Ensure that administrative expenses for community investment and community relations are reasonable and in proportion to amounts spent on community investing
  • Ensure that each division has a written community investment policy adequate for its size and complexity
  • Effective use of these principles and policies

Volunteering has become a part of our employees’ lives around the world. Quite unlike a company-mandated charitable program, volunteering here is employee-driven; we just look for ways to support and enhance their efforts. Our Volunteer Policy aligns our regional best practices.

For example, the idea of team building used to involve a group of employees heading off-site for a bowling game and a beer. Today, our employees request that their teambuilding activities are for the benefit of the community, and groups work with our community investment professionals to identify and select needed projects and worthy organizations wherever we operate. Serving our community together is how we improve our working relationships on the job, and this is true from our leadership team to every employee.

Hundreds of employees across the company increased our positive Beer Print during September for our second "Our Beer Print Month", learn more here.

We are always interested in hearing from community organizations whose missions align with our Investment Principles and our regional priorities.

Canada Inquiries: Molson Coors in Canada has a long standing history of community engagement dating back 228 years to our founder, John Molson who spoke to his employees about being members of a larger community which each of us needs to play a part.

For sponsorship or donation requests, please submit an inquiry here.

UK Inquiries: To apply for the Molson Coors UK Community Award, fill out an application form and email to CommunityAward@molsoncoors.com.

We are not able to support:

  • Advertising space in souvenir programs and brochures, lotteries, sponsored events
  • Dangerous/extreme sports
  • Events where inappropriate consumption of alcohol may occur
  • Individuals seeking personal sponsorship
  • Intermediaries between charity and donor
  • Political parties or organizations with political affiliations

US Inquiries: If you are interested in funding for a US organization, please see the MillerCoors website.