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"As CEO I am understandably pleased with the continued progress of our corporate responsibility agenda, and the opportunity we have to use this approach to delight the world's beer drinkers and support a relentless focus on being first choice for consumers and customers." 

At Molson Coors, we use Our Beer Print to talk about our Corporate Responsibility program in an uncomplicated way. Our Beer Print describes our relationship with our communities, our environment and our people. We challenge ourselves to grow our positive Beer Print and to shrink our negative Beer Print in every aspect of our business and geography where we brew and sell our products.

As CEO I am understandably pleased with the continued progress of our corporate responsibility agenda, and the opportunity we have to use this approach to delight the world's beer drinkers and support a relentless focus on being first choice for consumers and customers. To fully deliver on our commercial ambition, and continue to drive our business forward I recognise the need to grow and constantly seek improvements within our CR activity throughout the business.

Our Results
  • DJSI: In 2014, Molson Coors was recognized as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the third consecutive year. This is a great indicator of how seriously we take this agenda across our entire business. We continue to focus on process, data improvements and global metrics across the organisation which should assist in maintaining our position on the index in 2015.

  • Targets: Our 2020 Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy is focused on delivering significant long term goals as we balance supply chain and environmental risk and efficiency. Results are already positive. In 2014, we saw 3.4% reduction in energy usage, equivalent to the average annual use for 1600 households and remained well positioned to deliver our 2020 target. We reduced water use by 3.3% in 2014, saving over 500 million litres of water, following a steady downward trend, 7.7% below the 2011 baseline and we continue to make excellent progress on our global zero waste to landfill target.

  • Investment: We know these activities do not produce results through system changes alone, so we are investing heavily in future technology. In 2014, Molson Coors commissioned a new anaerobic digestion (AD) waste water treatment plant in our brewery in Haskovo, Bulgaria. In the first quarter of 2015 two other AD treatment plants in Apatin, Serbia and Trebjesa, Montenegro were commissioned, bringing the total to seven breweries operating this technology. The investment of $11.8 million in these three projects represents a real commitment to delivering the environmental and business benefits set out in our 2020 Strategy. In addition, in the UK a new energy centre was opened in Burton on Trent, as part of a £75m investment in the plant, is set to reduce energy by 25% and reduce carbon emissions by 15% - real, tangible Our Beer Print benefits.

  • Processes: We continue to work on aligning our processes and data collection systems as a result of our growth through our international operations and the acquisition of StarBev in 2012. Great progress has been made in many areas as we build a One Way People agenda and operationally increase the scope and metrics of our packaging data collection.


These activities would not be possible without a highly motivated team of people who care deeply about Our Beer Print. I’m looking forward to measuring our people engagement in 2015, having taken a year to implement changes since our 2013 survey, and progress is looking positive. Through Our Beer Print communications and an annual Our Beer Print month we held 42 community and employee events in 2014, involving almost 1000 employee volunteers. In 2014 we contributed 1.45% of pre-tax profits, US$8.5M, made of cash contributions, employee volunteering, and product and service donations to good causes across the globe.


While brewing beer and growing our business the right way is of personal importance to our people, Our Beer Print also supports our ambition to become first choice for consumers and customers. Developing brands with social purpose makes sense to our consumers; take the launch of Staropramen ‘Festivals Without Barriers’ in the Czech Republic where recycling a waste product has provided an opportunity to showcase the brand’s sociability and ingenuity. In a separate program we recognize that environment is important to modern consumers which is why we develop lightweight alternative packing solutions such as PET bottles and aluminum cans which have resulted in saving 100,000 tonnes of material in 2014.


I am delighted with the progress this business has made through developing a robust Our Beer Print agenda. From striving for increased environmental improvements, through driving an engaged, educated and motivated workforce, to developing real social purpose within our core brands. This is not without its challenges, but I feel we are set up to address and react to these as we learn and adapt to this growing agenda. Doing business the right way is the only option for me, and will support our ambition to be first choice for consumers and customers and delight the world’s beer drinkers.


Mark Hunter
CEO, Molson Coors Brewing Company

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