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Economic Impact

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Financial Results and Impact

Molson Coors gross sales for 2015 were $5,127.4 million, or $3,567.5 million net of excise taxes. The distribution of these funds are provided in the economic impact section below.

Note that under US GAAP, these gross sales do not include sales by MillerCoors LLC, the US operating company operated in a joint venture with SABMiller. MillerCoors LLC reported gross sales of $7,725.5 million net of excise taxes. On a pro forma basis, 42% of these sales would be attributed to Molson Coors.

Molson Coors pro forma gross sales (including 42% of MillerCoors LLC) total $8,832.7 million, or $6,812.2 million net of excise taxes.

Molson Coors net income for 2015 totaled $359.5 million. Equity income from MillerCoors LLC is included in Molson Coors net income.

More information is available on the Form10K Annual Report.

Economic Impact - Who benefited from our revenues in 2015?

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