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Reporting Scope

There are two ways to create your custom Molson Coors corporate responsibility report. You can browse the Responsibility section of our website and select Add to My Report for topics that interest you; or, you can go to our custom report builder (link to report builder page) and check the box next to each topic to prepare a report built just for you.

We update our corporate responsibility performance on an annual basis and our online report feature allows for customized reporting for each reader. Our Beer Print Corporate Responsibility Report covers quantitative data for the calendar year 2015 with additional qualitative material from previous years.

The reporting scope is global and covers Molson Coors Brewing Company’s businesses: Molson Coors Canada, Molson Coors Europe (covering the UK & Ireland and Central European operations), and Molson Coors in India.

Molson Coors International (MCI) has a production and sales presence in Asia, continental Europe, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Puerto Rico which is part of the MillerCoors business). Molson Coors owns and operates three breweries in India. 

In June 2012, Molson Coors acquired StarBev which merged with Molson Coors (UK & Ireland) and was renamed Molson Coors Europe. Our Central European business employs approximately 4,100 people, operates nine breweries and sells its market-leading brands in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovakia.

In July 2008, Molson Coors and SAB Miller plc combined their US and Puerto Rico operations to form a joint venture called MillerCoors. For financial reporting under US accounting standards, MillerCoors is accounted for by Molson Coors under the equity method. Therefore, MillerCoors’ revenues and expenses are not reported in Molson Coors’ consolidated results. Molson Coors does receive and report 42% of the profits of MillerCoors. For full transparency and accuracy, we separately report our 42% share of MillerCoors’ corporate responsibility performance data.

Environmental Data

The following changes in scope reflect organizational changes made in 2015:

  • 2011 baseline and trend data modified to exclude Shobnall Maltings which was sold in 2015.
  • 2011 baseline and trend data modified to exclude Alton Brewery which was decommissioned in 2015.
  • Plovdiv brewery in Bulgaria was closed in 2015 with volumes shifting to our Haskovo Brewery and with the intention of re-building a smaller craft brewery on the Plovdiv site. Due to the shift in volumes and expected operations to continue in the future on the site, the baseline and trend data was not modified in this case.
  • A micro-brewery on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada which is operated by Six Pints, a company owned by MCBC was included for the first time in 2015. It was not included in previous years due to data availability and the immaterial size of the operations. 2011 baseline and trend data has been modified on the basis of 2015 activity data.

Third Party Assurance

Corporate Citizenship provides third party assurance of our data. This year’s assurance was performed against ISAE 3000, the internationally recognized standard. The scope of reporting is based on operational control.

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