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Community Investment Principles

There are two ways to create your custom Molson Coors corporate responsibility report. You can browse the Responsibility section of our website and select Add to My Report for topics that interest you; or, you can go to our custom report builder (link to report builder page) and check the box next to each topic to prepare a report built just for you.

Our Investment Principles

To be effective community investors, Molson Coors adopts standards, ethics and sponsorship practices that represent the company as an active and valued member of the communities where we do business. Our investments are made locally, reflecting the different needs and practices in our markets and communities. In each major market, we:

  • Define and articulate a community-investment mission consistent with the overall corporate mission and regional conditions
  • Establish a clear, logical and consistent community investment process that unites with the global company vision and respects the division’s specific cultural sensitivities
  • Communicate openly, respectfully and in a timely manner with the public and our employees about our investments and the value created for the community and all involved through annual reporting
  • Disclose all investments/relationships with charity
  • Adopt policies and programs to promote active involvement of employees in community activities consistent with company and individual values
  • Provide information about their community investment guidelines, including program interests, resource limitations, and information about the process of applying for contributions
  • Measure each investment in terms of its positive impact on the community, its alignment with values of the company, our employees and its impact on the community perception of the company

Solicitation of Supplier Contributions

The ability to build and maintain trusted business relationships is critical to winning in beer. We do not want to do anything that may give the appearance we are trying to unfairly influence a supplier. Because of this, Molson Coors employees may not solicit charitable donations from suppliers. Employees may accept unsolicited contributions to an established Company-giving campaign. Such a donation will be attributed to the donor company or individual rather than the employee.

Our Process

Each business unit has a governing board made up of staff and executives that exercise active fiscal oversight.

The expectations of that board are clear:

  • Know and ensure compliance with local law
  • Approve an annual budget and assess and report to the CEO on the company’s community investment performance relative to the approved budget
  • Ensure that administrative expenses for community investment and community relations are reasonable and in proportion to amounts spent on community investing
  • Ensure that each division has a written community investment policy adequate for its size and complexity
  • Effective Use of These Principles and Processes

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