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Our Performance

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Our performance for the 2014 calendar year is measured based on the intensity of energy and carbon emissions, in other words, per unit of product produced:

  • We set-out to achieve 113.6 MJ of total energy use per hectolitre of beer produced (MJ/hl), a reduction of 3%.
  • We surpassed our target and achieved 113.1 MJ/hl, a reduction of 3.4%.
  • Despite reducing our direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2.4%, emissions per hectolitre of product experienced a more moderate decline of 0.7% to 8.93 kgCO2e. This is due to the carbon savings being primarily from reduced electricity use in areas with very low carbon intensity electrical grids.

The impact on total energy and carbon emissions:

  • Total energy use by the company also fell by 3.4% on the year
  • We reduced our direct and indirect carbon emissions by over 7,700 tonnes of CO2e, or 2.4%.

Progress towards our 2020 targets:

  • We have achieved 26% of our 2020 targeted energy reductions with 6 years remaining and are well-positioned to deliver on our commitment.
  • We have achieved 53% of our 2020 targeted carbon reductions with 6 years remaining, putting us on a path to over-deliver on our commitment.

Energy Use and GHG Emissions Trends and Breakdown by Region [ 2014 ]

Molson Coors Trends in Total Energy Use and Carbon Emissions*

2011 2012 2013 2014
Energy Use (MJ) 4,762,740,947 4,547,490,313 4,428,254,544 4,276,621,787
Electricity Purchased (MJ) 1,260,056,623 1,219,061,371 1,205,365,316 1,164,283,799
Scope 1 (tonnes of CO2) 220,864 206,113 198,097** 194,699
Scope 2 (tonnes of CO2) 135,861 130,176 123,415 119,047
*Our baseline data for 2011 has been modified to include the new Central European business (acquired in 2012) for purposes of enhancing comparability.
**2013 Scope 1 emissions have been revised to account for the following errors in data collection:
  • Decrease of 10,550 tCO2 from the Canadian business unit due to an over-reporting of process CO2 emissions resulting from a data entry error.
  • Increase of 1,897 tCO2e from fuel combustion in company-owned vehicles in the UK due to calculation error.

Molson Coors Energy Use and Carbon Emissions by Region

Canada Central Europe* India** UK
Energy Use (MJ)
1,526,605,209 1,272,121,004 35,708,600 1,442,186,974
Electricity Purchased (MJ)
427,850,986 392,996,856 12,560,815 330,875,141
Scope 1 (tonnes of CO2)
80,185 47,738 355 66,421
Scope 2 (tonnes of CO2)
7,708 65,120 3,231 44,843
*Central Europe integrated into our reporting systems in 2013
**India integrated into our reporting systems in 2012

SCOPE 3: Significant Investments - MillerCoors
2011 2012 2013 2014
Energy Use (MJ) 5,927,591,127 5,853,935,895 5,357,748,751 5,165,071,931
Electricity Purchased (MJ) 1,433,317,592 1,396,902,190 1,440,510,789 1,385,845,175
Direct Emissions (tonnes of CO2) 257,325 220,139 198,232 175,857
Indirect Emissions (tonnes of CO2) 397,250 409,632 314,495 320,073

The data in Energy Use and Carbon Emission by Region has been independently reviewed in accordance with ISAE 3000 and disclosed to investors in our 2014 10K as part of the evaluation of climate change risk. The data tables report energy use and carbon emissions by region for Molson Coors Brewing Company. Data corresponding to our 42% equity share in MillerCoors in the US is no longer consolidated in MCBC data and is reported separately as Scope 3 activity related to 'Significant Investments'. This is due to a change in the criteria for determining scope from the 'Equity Share' method to the 'Operational Control' method which was deemed more suitable for providing information to stakeholders that is more comparable with our peers. Historical data has been re-baselined to reflect this change and all information going forward will include 42% of MillerCoors activity as Scope 3 related. See Reporting Scope for full details regarding MillerCoors and Economic Impact for details of Molson Coors’ and MillerCoors’ financial performance.


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