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There are two ways to create your custom Molson Coors corporate responsibility report. You can browse the Responsibility section of our website and select Add to My Report for topics that interest you; or, you can go to our custom report builder (link to report builder page) and check the box next to each topic to prepare a report built just for you.

Packaging plays a critical role to contain, protect, preserve, transport, inform and communicate our brands to our consumers. As part of our ambition to deliver First Choice for Consumers and Customers we are committed to delivering packaging which meets or exceeds expectations for performance, product integrity, consumer safety and environmental sustainability. We see this as part of reducing our negative Beer Print. As stated in our Global Packaging Policy, we are committed to:

  • Reduce the amount of packaging used,
  • Re-use packaging where possible,
  • Collect and recycle all packaging materials or educate the consumer in the recyclability of our packaging, and
  • Support Our Beer Print agenda


In 2012 we set out a target to achieve 4% absolute reduction in primary packaging weight by 2015. The target was based on primary packaging only.

Since this time we have improved our data collection approaches to include secondary packaging which meant that in 2014 we collected both primary and secondary packaging usage data for the first time. We have re-baselined our 2012 and 2013 data to include secondary packaging.

Packaging weight can be affected by light-weighting initiatives, as well as changes in product mix (for example, bottles are heavier than aluminium cans or PET bottles). 

See Our Performance for full details. 

In the US, MillerCoors also has a 2015 goal to reduce the overall annual weight of all their packaging throughout the supply chain by 2%. Learn more about their progress here

  • A centralized Global Packaging Council oversees and shares best practice in packaging, packaging technology, innovation and sustainability. Increasing focus on customer and consumer needs ensures we deliver a solution fit for purpose.

    Part of the Council’s strategic approach is to collaborate with global and regional organizations such as Sustainable Packaging Coalition; Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER); The Packaging Association (PAC); and the Brewers Association of Canada (BAC), to ensure we are adopting best practice and technologies. The Council is committed to evaluating alternative materials, down gauging, looking at design modifications and the elimination of components, in an effort to optimize the weight of our packaging without impacting the performance of the package for the consumer.


Water is part of our heritage and future. Read more about our commitment to it here.


Reducing our use, reducing our costs. See how we’re doing here.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Working with global partners, our impact is greater.

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The environment is a key ingredient to our success. Read how we’re taking care of it.

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