Our Beer Print Month

In 2017, Molson Coors held our fifth “Our Beer Print Month”, our annual company-wide celebration of our commitment to responsibility, our environment and our communities around the world.

During the month, Molson Coors offices and breweries organized volunteer activities, trainings and educational activities to raise awareness for our company’s commitment to improve the areas where our employees live and work. This annual month-long celebration encourages our employees to learn more about Molson Coors’ sustainability agenda, recognize Our Beer Print achievements to date and come together collectively to give back to our communities.

From cleaning up waterways to educating our consumers about responsible drinking, our employee teams organized events that were most meaningful to their communities. Here are some of the ways that Our Beer Print came to life and impacted lives across the globe:

  • US: Around 500 volunteers across 11 locations participated in Great Water Month activities to clean up our waterways, expand water access and improve water quality.
  • Canada: The Toronto brewery participated in a citywide event “Trees Across Toronto,” where our volunteers planted more than 300 shrubs and trees in Cedarvale Park. The Canadian team also engaged employees and consumers in the Partners for Safer Communities program that garnered over 10 million impressions.
  • Czech Republic: Over 260 employees volunteered with local NGOs – HELPPES, Community Centre Prádelna, Station for Young Scientists – in Prague and Ostrava to improve public places and help those in need.
  • Serbia: Over 120 employees took part in the “Responsibly Refreshing Happy Hour” where employees participated in “When I drink, I don't drive” activities that raised awareness for responsible consumption.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: The team supported an environmental music festival called “Z.E.T. od Sipova” where visitors learned about renewable energy sources and participated in a workshop that turned recycled Jelen cans into solar panels for water heating.

In total, over 3000 employees over the course of September participated in our events in-person or made personal pledges online to raise the bar for the environment and for their communities. We are proud of our people for their relentless passion for improving Our Beer Print and look forward to continuing to build on Molson Coors long, proud legacy of contributing back to our hometowns.  



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