Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is a priority to our Board, embedded into our Company's strategy and integrated into the expectations of our senior and other leaders. To govern Sustainability, a Sustainability Council was formed in January 2012, chartered by the Executive Leadership Team, and with accountability for delivering performance in the strategic, operational and commercial areas of the business including climate strategy. The Council enhances performance and the company's reputation and supports the business’ ambition to be ‘First Choice for Consumers and Customers’ through corporate responsibility. The Council is sponsored by the Chief People & Legal Officer and Chief Supply Chain Officer and chaired by the Corporate Responsibility lead. The Council reports to the Executive Leadership Team and directly to the Board of Directors.

Sustainability key performance indicators are also integrated into the performance review by the Executive Leadership Team, which reports to all leaders and communicates to all employees, across all our regions. The Board of Directors also reviews our sustainability performance as part of their overall company performance oversight.