Promoting A Circular Philosophy

Landfill Free

How wastes is created, recycled or disposed of, both in our breweries and across our product life cycles, is an important driver of our products’ environmental impact. We are fully committed to see all of our major manufacturing facilities achieve zero waste to landfill by 2025. Already 14 of our major manufacturing facilities, including MillerCoors, are zero waste to landfill, while our other production sites strive towards that goal.
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Packaging materials are the largest source of emissions in our value chain footprint, accounting for 37% of the total. That’s why, as part of our 2025 target to cut absolute carbon emissions across our supply chain by 20%, we aim to reduce emissions packaging materials by 26% (or -6.88 kgCO2e/hl), based on a 2017 baseline.

To achieve this, we’re looking at it from all directions – from exploring disruptive packaging innovations and working with our packaging suppliers to reduce carbon emissions in their operations. Today, nearly all our packaging is recyclable – from the glass, aluminum and steel cans that contain our brews to the corrugated boxes and shrinkfilm we use as secondary packaging. We continue to innovate with materials to reduce and lightweight our packaging.We are committed to working with suppliers to align with Molson Coors global Packaging Policy, which includes:

  • Reducing the amount of packaging used
  • Re-using packaging where possible
  • Collecting and recycling all packaging materials or educating the consumer in the recyclability of our packaging
  • Supporting Our Beer Print agenda

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