Creemore Springs - Canada


Premium Lager

Our unique lager has a brilliant amber colour, overtones of sweet caramel and appealing, well-balanced floral hop character. It’s fire-brewed using the best ingredients and our own spring water.


Crisp Pilsner

We brew our pilsner the traditional way, but with our own spring water, special pale malt and a lot of hops. Classic yet unique; it’s our fresh take on a traditional czech pilsner.


Sessions IPA

Our session IPA offers mighty hop aromas and flavours featuring berry, tropical fruits, melon and citrus. Though big and complex across the palette, this remarkably balanced IPA is refreshing and approachable. A kinder, gentler IPA.


Helles Light Lager

Our Helles Light Lager balances a floral hop flavour with a light bitterness. Crisp and clean, this refreshing beer is made with substance, yet full of flavour & calorie-responsible - an ideal pick on a hot summer’s day.


Citrusy Pale Ale

Our approachable, amber coloured pale ale has a slight haze and features aromas of citrus along with caramel malts giving it a beautifully complex character.