Our Stamp of Responsibility



We’ve always known that being a great beer company involves more than just brewing.

In that tradition, we couldn’t be prouder to be the first beer company in Canada to feature a stamp of responsibility on our products. You’ll start to see it on packs of Molson Canadian, Coors Light, and Molson Dry in Ontario and Quebec. Eventually, you’ll see it on all our packs, everywhere.

The stamp is a symbol of our commitment to four major areas of responsible production, sale and consumption of the beer we’ve always been proud to call our own. It’s also an invitation to all Canadians to stand with us in taking these issues of responsibility to a new level of prominence.

And now that our commitment to responsible choices is right where you can see it, we want you to know exactly what it means:

Drinking & Pregnancy 

Whether you're pregnant, or you wish to become pregnant, we don’t want you to drink. Not our beer, nor any alcohol. If pregnancy is in your plans, we want you to be as healthy as possible. You should discuss what you eat and drink and how to take care of your health with your medical professional. Learn more about the effects of drinking on pregnancy and other health issues.

Drinking & Driving

This one’s pretty simple. Never drink and drive. Never be a passenger in a car driven by someone who is drunk. Never let someone else drive while drunk. Whenever you plan to drink, plan a safe way home. If someone you’re with intends to drive but has had too much to drink, be a good friend by helping them get home safely.

We support effective drink-drive enforcement. We support criminal laws and administrative processes that take away licenses from drunk drivers.

And because we do more than just talk the talk, we helped found, and continue to actively support 1-888-TAXIGUY, an industry-leading innovation featuring a nationwide network of 425 taxicab companies in over 700 Canadian cities linked together through one, easy to remember toll-free number. So far, it’s helped over 3 million Canadians get home safely.

Drinking and driving should never happen. We’ll keep doing everything we can to prevent it.

Underage Drinking

There are some customers we don’t want under any circumstances.

We don't want anyone who is not of legal drinking age consuming any of our products. That's why we support the passing and enforcing of laws making underage sales and purchases illegal. At the same time, we realize how vital parents, other adults, older siblings and friends are in making sure that only those who are of legal drinking age consume our products. We're all responsible for the prevention of underage drinking, and the dire consequences that result from it. We want you to learn more about what causes, and how to prevent, underage drinking.

Our Beer Print

Every time you pick up a beer and put it down, you leave a beer print on the coaster or table. And wherever we brew and sell our beer, we leave a beer print on our communities, our environment and on our business.

We want to grow our positive Beer Print.

That's why we're committed to reducing our water use, and preserving and protecting the quality of the watershed wherever we brew.

It's why we ensure that every supplier we work with, and even the suppliers they work with, meet our Responsible Sourcing Principles in the brewing, packaging and transportation of our products.

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