A hobby that’s un-BEE-lievable! A hobby that’s the bee’s knees.

Beekeeping: what the buzz is all about

Over 20 years ago, Petr Kadlecek and his family moved to a house in the countryside outside of Prague. He considered the bees to be a natural part of their garden and soon began beekeeping. Ironically, as a commercial trainer for Molson Coors Europe, little did he know that the bees would have a lot to teach him.

Cross-pollination with work. At first, Petr just noticed what a calming effect the bees had on him after a full day. But then it dawned on him that, just like the bees, his mind continued to work in the background. Before long, he was coming up with exciting new ways to make learning more fun–and more effective.

Being ecologically-friendly. With bees making the endangered species list for the first time ever, today Petr is proud to have five thriving beehives. Which fits perfectly with the desire at Molson Coors to always leave a positive Beer Print. We cherish the environment and seek to make the places where we live, work and play better.

Teamwork personified. Beekeeping is the ultimate reminder of how any team, working together as one, can accomplish great things. The honey is the reward for the collective hard work and dedicated effort.

“My work in the early spring can influence the swarm for many months. The same holds true for my work at Molson Coors.”