tenth and blake

CHICAGO – Tenth & Blake, the U.S. craft division of Molson Coors Brewing Company, announced today partnerships with the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Texas A&M University to provide awards and scholarships at those schools for minority students pursuing a career in the fermentation and brewing sciences. 

UW-Madison is partnered with the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, while Texas A&M University is partnered with Revolver Brewing. These are in addition to the previously announced scholarship partnerships between universities and nearby Tenth & Blake breweries, which include Middle Tennessee State University (Terrapin Beer Company), Oregon State University (Hop Valley Brewing Company) and Colorado State University (AC Golden). 

“Craft beer is an incredibly dynamic and rewarding industry to work in, but the unfortunate reality is it’s severely lacking diverse voices,” said Paul Verdu, head of Tenth & Blake.  “Ideally these scholarship programs will knock down barriers and provide opportunities for minority students to work in the industry, ultimately creating a more inclusive environment.”

Molson Coors Beverage Company is donating $50,000 to endow the awards and scholarships at each UW-Madison and Texas A&M University. They are open to students who identify as Latino, Black/African American, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or LGBTQ+. They must want to pursue a career in fermentation and brewing sciences after completing their degrees. 

The recipients also will have opportunities to put their knowledge to the test through interviewing and potentially completing a paid summer internship at the nearby breweries.

Funding for the scholarship program is made possible through the Molson Coors social justice initiative—an effort that directs funds to organizations focused on social justice, community building, equality and empowerment.