Fine Company - Canada

Fine Blonde Lager

Henry Blonde Lager

Made by Maritimers for Maritimers. Clear, golden blonde with a moderately sweet aroma with slight hints of bread and caramel. Taste the malted grains at the outset with a hint of spicy saaz hops to finish. Aproachable, smooth and welcome at ANY gathering.

Fine Session IPA

Margaret Session IPA

Bright, refreshing and complex but not too serious, our session IPA brings to the table a tropical aroma including mango, pineapple and delicate hints of orange. Complexly balanced with sweet caramel malts and a balanced finish. Pair with grilled white fish or some serious spice!

Fine Red IPA

Zac Red IPA

This distinctive, hoppy amber red is a lively addition to any occasion. A solid compromise that tempers the resinous kick of IPAs with notes of something a bit softer, smoother and even slightly sweet.

Fine Radler

Hans Radler

A refreshing take on the classic Radler — chill, crisp and citrusy with a playful hint of zest. With notes of fresh grapefruit and a dash of sugar, Radler is slightly sweet, yet distinctly tart. The perfect thirst-quencher all year round.