Trou Du Diable

MacTavish in Memorium

MacTavish In Memoriam

Inspired by American pale ales, MacTavish releases scents of green hops, ancestral land and spice. Its palate sways between the sweet flavours of the malt and the tropical fruit of the New World hops, all of which stretch out to a wonderfully refreshing finish.


La Pitoune

The Pitoune Pils offers an intense aroma of grain and hops, topped with a rich, thick cream. The palate is both fresh and crisp, and the bitterness comes through with each sip for a refreshing experience. The St-Maurice River was the last river used to transport logs in Quebec. It was cleaned during the mid-90’s. Since then, residents of the Mauricie as well as tourists have been enjoying the magnificent river.


Les Quatre Surfeurs De L’Apocalypso

Apocalypso is a veiled beer that perfectly combines the elegance of Belgian whites with the complex, hoppy character of American IPAs. Topped with a generous head, it features aromas of resin, candy, litchi, and pear. Its smooth palate is like a long lasting wave of piny bitterness just asking to be ridden.


Perroquet IPA

Despite its low ABV, its yellow plumage is not lacking in brilliance! First, we smell a wind of fantasy and adventures filled with pineapple, citrus nectarines and conifer. Then the beak clings to an overflowing branch of exotic fruits, while its claw leans slightly in balance on the malt, like our bird on the shoulder of its pirate, inseparable in the storm.