Working in Our Brewery Watersheds

Water is a local issue. Each of our breweries is in a unique water situation based on their location, which is why we carry out watershed risk assessments across our major breweries to more accurately evaluate current and future water challenges each year. To safeguard at-risk watersheds, we implement stewardship programs in collaboration with private and public stakeholders with the aim of protecting our shared water resources. For example:

  • In Texas, we partnered with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Tarrant Regional Water District. Starting in Chambers Creek, we formed the National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI), which has seen almost 200 landowners commit to improving their water use practices over 35,000 acres of land.
  • In Canada, we are part of the Toronto Water Leaders Forum's Partners in Project Green, which aims to bring all relevant stakeholders together to discuss urban watershed management.
  • In partnership with PepsiCo and Wells Fargo, Molson Coors donated $1 million to The Nature Conservancy to help reduce the threat of wildfires, improve water security for the Denver metropolitan area and protect water quality in the Golden Brewery's watershed.
  • Molson Coors has been part of the Clear Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF) since the organization’s inception in 1997 in Colorado, USA. The Clear Creek Watershed feeds our Golden Brewery, which is why we take an active role in the organization’s collective action efforts to improve water quality. We believe that our collaboration can reduce risk and cost for the Coors Brewery, while improving the watershed as a whole.